What is RSS?

To help you keep up to date with our most recent comment and analysis you can add our RSS feed to your browser. With the RSS feed you will receive instant notification of the new content on our website. You will be able to see the headlines, a brief description of stories and a link straight back to the EP Vantage website.

What is the RSS Icon icon for?

It is used to indicate that content displayed in this portion of the page is available as an RSS feed.

How do I read them?

The RSS Icon icon is also a link, so clicking on it will display the feed according to what RSS feed reader software you have installed:

  • If your browser has built in support for RSS feeds (IE7.0+, Firefox 2.0) the content of the feed will be displayed in your browser window together with an option that allows you to subscribe to the feed.
  • If you already have RSS feed reader software installed on your computer then the EP Vantage RSS feed will probably be added to the list of feeds you already subscribe to. The application itself will then be responsible for downloading and displaying any new content.